Total Data Destruction

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Recovering Data from a Destroyed Drive is Easier Than You Think

Do you think shredding or overwriting your media gives you the security of total data destruction? Think again. Degaussing provides total data destruction providing complete data security.

Would you imagine that data could be recovered from a hard drive that had been partially melted, shredded and charred? That is exactly what happened to a hard drive from the space shuttle Columbia.

The hard drive was dropped from the sky 40 miles above Earth, partially melted after passing through the atmosphere,  and remained on the ground for six months before it was found. The dust seal suffered a devastating impact from the intense heat when it went through the atmosphere. It was exposed to all kinds of particles. And yet data scientists were able to recover 99% of the data present on the hard drive.

If data can be recovered from a disk drive destroyed while traveling through space, you may ask yourself:

How secure is my data disposal program?

The common mistake is that shredding or physically destroying media makes the data impossible to recover. However, shredding or physically destroying media does not remove the data from the hard drive disk platters. Because physical destruction does not remove the data, the National Security Administration (NSA) requires all data to be completely destroyed before being released for shredding or destruction.

Garner’s degaussers and destroyers protect your agency’s secrets, your clients’ privacy, your customers’ trust and your reputation with total data elimination.

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