Garner Recognizes: Keith Skinner, Varese-secure Ltd.

An unexpected data explosion occurred in March 2020 when millions of workers suddenly left the security of their offices to work from home.

The need for IT professionals to keep track of millions of now remote hard drives and devices has resulted in the exponential growth of data storage across the globe. As data storage demands increase, so does the building of data centers.

ITAD Disposition Market

Garner Products distributor Keith Skinner is experiencing this phenomenon first hand. As data centers upgrade their storage requirements, old hard drives and devices must be properly disposed of, creating a boom in the European secure IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) market.

“Data centers just keep expanding and expanding. Eventually all that equipment is going to have to be upgraded, and that means old drives will be at their end of life,” says Keith Skinner, Sales Director of Varese-secure Ltd., in Fareham, Hampshire, UK.

Keith Skinner, Garner’s 2020 international business partner, has been involved in data disposal security since 2010. He is focused on making sure that data centers and businesses have the right equipment when it comes time to dispose of important, confidential, and Top-Secret data. Varese-secure offers Garner’s full line of degaussers, destroyers, and IRONCLAD verification systems.

Decommissioning Old Data Centers

A special niche for Varese-secure is decommissioning old data centers. “There is a requirement for Garner’s HD-3XTL high-volume, high-speed degausser. That is taking down old data centers; getting rid of the hundreds and thousands of decommissioned hard drives, so data center managers can upgrade to the latest and greatest hard drives.”

That requirement is increasing as disk drive storage capacity rapidly expands. Just a couple of years ago data centers, storage capacity was measured in terms of gigabytes. Today it is terabytes.

“Data centers can immediately reap huge rewards by upgrading their hard drives from 250 gigabytes to 10 terabytes. And with emerging technology, that will be 20 terabytes of storage devices soon. It will rise rapidly to 50 terabytes in the next three years. (As a data center manager) you need to know that when you take that old hard drive out, you’ve scrubbed it clean,” says Keith.

Prior to starting Varese-secure with his wife Jill, Keith spent decades as an IT professional. That experience gave him an eye for quality products and excellent customer service that led him to Garner Products when it came time to choose a supplier for his customers.

High Quality Degaussers and Destroyers

“I chose Garner’s degaussers and destroyers because they have the best quality product. They keep abreast of new technology. Some of the other players in the field have not kept abreast of the technology. Garner is the market leader. It’s always useful to work with the market leader,” Keith says.

While the engineering quality of Garner’s products initially attracted Keith, it is the customer service that keeps him loyal to the company. Varese-secure has been Garner’s top international distributor five years in a row. Keith stresses how valuable Garner makes him feel, and how responsive everyone at Garner is to his needs and customer requests.

Garner Stands Above Competition

He notes that Garner stands above the competition when it comes to the verification of data destruction. “People not only want the job done. They also want confirmation that it was done right. With IRONCLAD, Garner has made data destruction so much better. Not only do you know that the equipment’s done its job of sanitizing the hard drive of all data, but there’s also actual documentation of the destruction process and destruction results to verify it’s been done correctly.”

Keith sees a bright and long-term relationship with Garner Products and he intends to continue his streak as Garner’s top distributor well into the future.